SuperDog Prea’s inspiring survivor story


SuperDog Prea’s inspiring survivor story

The Naturo Superdog Awards have seen hundreds and hundreds of nominations flood in for our nation’s most loved animals.  From helping with mental health conditions, preventing life-threatening seizures, providing companionship through lockdown to simply being there for a cuddle when it’s needed most, these precious four-legged friends are true heroes. One such nomination is Prea, a gorgeous English Bull Terrier who suffered horrific injuries at the hands of her owners at the start of her life and inspired her new owner to make a life-changing decision out of love.  

Sarah Kelly, Prea’s now-owner explains,  “My girl Prea was stabbed 7 times, used for breeding and then left to die. Fortunately, the police brought her into the surgery where I worked in London. I lived above the vets at the time and there were too many people around. To start with she was so frightened, she couldn’t bark.”

Sarah goes on to say that, after seeking help from an animal behaviourist, Prea’s best chance of living a happier life was to get her out of the city and into a more rural and relaxed location. 

“At the suggestion of her behaviourist,  I took her away for a week to my mum’s house in Worthing so she could decompress. Once we were there, Prea slept for hours and then slowly you could see a relaxed dog emerging.”

Finally Sarah started to see Prea’s true self appear and caught glimpses of the fun-loving soul that had been hidden for so long. 

Seeing this transformation led Sarah to make a life changing decision for the good of her new found friend and they have never looked back.  “I decided with my boyfriend that we would move to Worthing where it’ isn’t so built up.

Since then, Survivor SuperDog Prea has come on leaps and bounds and she is a much happier dog. She is naturally scared of strangers, but once she gets to know someone, she is so happy and trusting. She loves playing with other dogs. We have now passed level 1 of a cooperative care course that slowly gets her used to being handled.  For example, she can now have her ears cleaned and her claws clipped without it being stressful. I’m nominating Prea for a SuperDog Award because she has taught me so much and I wouldn’t, and couldn’t be without her.”

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