Voting for the Naturo SuperDog Awards 2021 is closed

You can vote for any nominee for the chance to win a Naturo SuperDog Award. There are seven categories that a dog, person or team can win. If your tale fits into more than one, don’t worry, our awards committee will make sure that nominees are considered for the most fitting category. And if your nominee has received more than one nomination in the same category, we will simply tally the votes to get a total.

You have until midnight on the 30th of September to get your votes in so don't delay and make sure your nominee is one of the finalists. The 3 nominees with the most votes in each category will be a Naturo SuperDog 2021 finalist and will be invited to a glamorous ceremony hosted by Stacey Dooley in London on 9th November. A judging panel will meet to decide the winners of each category which will be announced at the ceremony.

Scroll down to read a description of the categories, vote for your favourite nominees and share their page via email, SMS or your social media accounts to help them reach the finals.

Good Luck!


Tips for writing a great SuperDog nomination

  • Provide clear information on the nominee’s actions that have inspired you to nominate them
  • Pictures and videos will help your nominee be seen on the website and voted for by the public
  • Tell us how their actions have made a difference i.e. what has changed, what was it like before compared to now?
  • Give details that support the nomination i.e. any evidence, peer opinion, demonstrable changes or improvements

The ultimate award for a heroic dog. One who has shown exceptional bravery and/or resilience in an extraordinary situation.

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This category is for a dog who has gone above and beyond in their working role. 

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A dog and/or individual campaigning to improve the lives of dogs. This can be a person or a dog personality.

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A dog who has demonstrated resilience, gone through trauma and fought their way back. 

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For a dog showing extraordinary dedication and selflessness to improve human lives like an assistance or therapy dog who helps with practical tasks and offers emotional support.

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A dog that has changed the life of the person they live with, for example a pet that has helped their owner through a difficult time, providing extraordinary emotional or practical support.

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For a group, organisation or charity working to improve dogs lives. This category is suitable if you are submitting a story about more than two people/dogs. 

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