Jade Statt wearing a StreetVet branded black sweatshirt faces away from the camera seated opposite a black and white dog

StreetVet Team nominated for Naturo SuperDog Award

One of the many wonderful aspects of the Naturo Superdog Awards is that it shines a light both on inspiring dogs and on amazing humans changing lives for dogs. The categories for Teams and for Campaigner are open to both dog and human nominees and the devoted dog lovers at UK-based charity Streetvet have been…

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Team Medical Detection Dog pup sits on country road

The Team at Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to save lives

The Team category for the Naturo Superdog Awards is packed to the brim with heroic charities and groups of individuals making a substantial difference to the lives of dogs and their companions, but there are also exceptional teams working with dogs to improve the lives of us humans!  The team at Medical Detection Dogs have…

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Guide Dog Kika and Dr Amit Patel sit on the grass with trees in the background

Guide Dog Kika & Dr Patel

A newly blind doctor and a newly graduated pup combine forces to become the ultimate dream team! One duo who deserve a special mention are Naturo Superdog Award nominees, Dr Patel, nominated in the Campaigner Category and Kika the guide dog in the Worker Category. Dr Amit Patel was a successful trauma doctor when he…

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Rico the Rescue Dog and Rachel his owner

Rico – a rescue dog with a hero’s nose!

It’s every dog owner’s nightmare… losing your dog! Some dogs will remain faithfully by your side and avoid any dashes across the field towards a cottontail hopping in the distance, but for those with more difficulty keeping their instinctive urges in check, it can be a constant worry. This nightmare came true for a family…

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Jordan and his dog Jasmine who inspired a campaign for a new ;aw to allow a pet in every home

Jasmine’s Law says everyone should have the right to love a pet.

#apetineveryhome The UK is well known as a nation of dog lovers, and from the avalanche of entries we have received for  the Naturo Superdog Awards,  it’s been humbling to see the incredible impact dogs have on our mental health and general wellbeing.  However, a huge chunk of the population are being denied the opportunity…

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MBE landlady and Greg the Superdog help those in need!

It’s not every day that you hear about a home that houses both a woman recently awarded an MBE and a dog nominated for a Naturo Superdog Award! One such place is a pub in Ashton Under Lyne where a remarkable landlady has devoted her life to helping those in need and has humbly accepted…

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Scooter surfer dog looks to camera with a happy face and bright eyes. An elderly man wearing a hospital gown lies in the bed beside him.

Scooter surfer dog nominated for a Naturo SuperDog Award

The Naturo Superdog Awards show incredible examples of the true bond between dogs and humans. The stories are humbling and often also heart-wrenching, but the common thread for these exceptional dogs is their ability to bring hope and happiness to the world.  One such nominee is Scooter the surfer dog – the plucky pooch who…

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Marc Abrahams debates in parliament to protect dogs like Lucy, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Marc Abraham debates in parliament to protect dogs.

Today Marc Abraham debates in parliament to protect dogs. The well-known vet and a founder of PupAid hopes to close loopholes in Lucy’s Law which makes it illegal to buy a puppy from a third party in the UK. He has been campaigning for 9 years, supported by a raft of well-known personalities over the…

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Jordan Shelley in Parliament today to stop barbaric puppy ear cropping operations.

Ear cropping is illegal in England and Wales unless it is carried out for medical reasons, under section 5 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, and punishment is about to get more severe. The Animal Welfare Act 2021 comes into force on 29 June, meaning anyone convicted of such an offence faces being sent to…

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SuperDog Prea’s inspiring survivor story

The Naturo Superdog Awards have seen hundreds and hundreds of nominations flood in for our nation’s most loved animals.  From helping with mental health conditions, preventing life-threatening seizures, providing companionship through lockdown to simply being there for a cuddle when it’s needed most, these precious four-legged friends are true heroes. One such nomination is Prea,…

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