Springwatch presenter, Michaela Strachan, onboard to judge the Naturo SuperDog Awards!

The nation’s favourite animal loving Autumnwatch and Springwatch presenter, Michaela Strachan, has jumped on board the Naturo Superdog Award panel to provide her wealth of knowledge and expertise in picking out the UK’s most exceptional dogs. The Naturo Superdog Awards, taking place on the 9th November, at a red carpet event hosted by Stacey Dooley…

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Puggy Smalls tilts his head and looks straight into the camera

Puggy Smalls – nominated for a Naturo SuperDog Award by popular demand!

Puggy is an incredible dog. He is an influencer doggy with over a million followers across his network and is super popular because of how kind, gentle and hilarious he is. Puggy has had multiple viral videos with billions of views worldwide and when the pandemic hit last year, he created more and more content…

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Charlotte Tobin standing outside Number 10

Dog Activist Charlotte Tobin recognised

Successful PR Guru by day, vociferous dog campaigner by night, Dog Activist Charlotte Tobin tells us about her passion for dog rights. Charlotte Tobin, managing director and founder of Belle PR, has achieved huge professional success, building up her own business and creating an enviable contact book full-to-bursting with the names of the most influential…

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Max Out In The Lake District sits on a bench

Max Out in the Lake District Nominated for Multiple SuperDog Awards

One Naturo SuperDog Award nominee who has captured our attention due to the sheer volume of outpouring of love and support, is Max the doe-eyed springer spaniel. Indeed, he has helped so many people over the last year, he has even been the hero of a book written all about him and after seeing so…

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Molly the Bull Terrier

SuperDog nominee, Molly the Bull Terrier, survives fatal condition thanks to a social media post!

SuperDog Survivor Award Nominee, Molly the Bull Terrier,  was just 12 weeks old when her new loving mum, Sharon, brought her home. It was soon clear however that something wasn’t quite right.  She seemed to have painful skin lesions, difficulty eating, learning difficulties, disfigured legs and very rough paws.   Obviously concerned, their next port of…

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Boris Johnson Gets Much Needed Stress Relief From SuperDog Nominee Harry Potter!

Parliament hosted a particularly pawsome group of visitors last year when professional therapist, Harry Potter, and his furry friends were invited to provide stress relief in the workplace.  The 5-year-old long-haired chihuahua was the leader of the pack when it came to showing off his powerful therapeutic abilities, calming those around him and removing unwanted…

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Fleur’s SuperDog Survivor Story

Inspirational Fleur – the NHS hero’s dog whose 1% chance of survival defied all the odds and went on to be her owner’s lifeline throughout the pandemic. One of the many exceptional nominees for the Naturo Superdog Awards includes Fleur, a collie and dalmatian cross who sports the most adorable spotty ear and black eye…

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Stacey Dooley image © Michael Shave

Stacey Dooley confirmed as host of the Naturo SuperDog Awards

Stacey Dooley MBE, one of Britain’s most-loved documentary presenters, has confirmed she will be hosting the Naturo SuperDog Awards in November 2021. She will be joining us at a glamorous ceremony in London on 9 November 2021. A host of other presenters will also be joining us to present the awards. The Naturo SuperDog Awards…

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Badger's SuperDog Survivor Story makes PC Steph smile with pride

Badger’s SuperDog Survivor Story

Badger’s SuperDog Survivor Story begins with a malnourished puppy who was dumped in a bucket and suffering from mange, chronic ear infections and eye infections. Now he is nominated for a Naturo SuperDog Award for having survived against all the odds to become a police sniffer dog. Badger was one of four six-week-old cocker spaniel…

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Beauty's SuperDog Carer Story shows in his kind eyes and smiley face

Beauty’s SuperDog Carer Story

Beauty’s SuperDog Carer Story begins when Cheryl, from Derby, adopted Beauty in 2017 through the RSPCA. She knew she was rescuing the seven-year-old, but she had no idea the bull-breed would rescue her too. Cheryl, who has an autism spectrum condition, suffers from high levels of anxiety and struggles to form relationships. But, despite no…

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