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Mist is an extremely shy and nervous 10 month old border collie who spooks very easily. Someone dropped a piece of scaffolding and she was absolutely terrified! She got out of her harness and tried to run home but was unfortunately run over by a car. Her front left leg was badly broken with the bone breaking the skin and they feared it would have to be removed but was saved by a specialist in surgery. She also had lacerations to her other legs and stomach. All of this at only 10 months old. She was so scared she wouldn’t eat or look at the vets. She was allowed home the next day and although you could tell she was in pain she never let it break her spirit! She could sense we were upset and tried to comfort us! She tried to walk to us even through the pain. Her heart is so full of love and kindness! She makes me so proud every single day with how brave she has and continues to be! This will be a 16 week healing process and shebwill be spending her very first birthday unable to play with any toys or run around with her best friend
She had a horrible start to life due to irresponsible backyard breeders who didn’t care for her at all! Then at 4 months she was extremely sick with fluid around her intestines which turned out to be a result of an allergic reaction to her food
She has been through so much in her little life and I truly believe in my heart of hearts that this brave little girl deserves this. She never gives up and puts others before herself
She is loyal, sweet, kind and a true survivor

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