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Emily came to live with us after my brother died tragically and unexpectedly in 2016.  She was only six months old.

Grief hit me hard. I am a suicide survivor, and I am diagnosed with several different mental health issues.

I’d never met an English Bulldog before.

On the days I wanted to stop breathing, the darkness frightened me, depression made me tired, anxiety made me agitated, borderline personality disorder made my emotions and moods unpredictable…

Emily has been my very own angel. ..

One look into her eyes…
I’d get up and dressed to walk her, we started talking to other dog walkers and their smiles at Emily would make me smile. These people were usually the only people I would have spoken to, most days.

Emily entrusted me to feed her, keep her clean, healthy, happy and safe

In fact, that is exactly what having her in my life has given to me… Unconditionally..

She’s nearly 8 years old now. ..
More than ever before… I am blessed and grateful to have her here

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