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This is no hyperbole: Digby has saved my life.
I have experienced bullying and trauma since a young age, which has left me with more mental illnesses than friends. In my perpetual state of fear, I locked myself away from the world. Life just didn’t feel worth living. But when I was 15 years old, Digby joined my family and he began to show me that life isn’t as terrifying as I thought (and it’s a hell of a lot less with a dog by your side!).
If he hears me crying he will find me and give me kisses. During panic attacks, he’d sit by my side and help ground and calm me. I’ve gone from panic attacks multiple times a day to so infrequent I can’t recall when I last had one. Digby makes me feel safe. I have even made friends because not only is Digby a conversation starter but he also gives me confidence. And when I was admitted to the hospital, Digby was my motivation to get discharged – “do it for Digby”, as one note from another patient stated.

I have another dog now too, Leo, who also helps me. I’m still battling my mental illnesses but without my dogs, I genuinely would not be here today.

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