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Whilst searching online for a rescue dog we stumbled across Della, a Romanian rescue that had been through the mill in her first year of life. The advertisement said Della had to learn everything about living in a home, from toilet training to socialisation. Her picture was hard to forget, she looked shy, timid and a little sad. We had to go see her! She ran to us (a little bag of treats in my pocket soon gained her trust) that same day we took her on trial.

Since that day everything for us has just got better and better. Della is playful and giddy, caring and affectionate and so loving. We have 2 house rabbits, who are Della’s new best friends, they eat together, play together and sometimes snooze and snuggle together. We make sure Della has an equal share of her own space too (2 hopping bunnies can be quite tiring) but she is always happy when we initiate playtime, cuddles, walkies or even brushing her teeth. During the 8 months she has been with us we haven’t heard one growl… she has only had 1 accident in the house and has adapted to a home environment so well, she takes everything in her stride and we really could not ask for a better dog. She is just amazing.



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