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Our Daisy is a rescue dog. When we 1st saw her she was in an RSPCA kennel. She looked incredibly sad! We took her for a walk in their enclosure and she loved all the fuss and love! We knew we wanted to bring her home which we did a week later. Daisy is a Bassett hound x Springer Spaniel. The Bassett temperament with the Springer bounce and energy.

Once home we found out why she may have been in kennels…but she’d obviously been ill-treated! Over the next 2-3 years we found many objects she was terrified of: flames, (candles, lighters, open fire), bicycles especially ridden by children, travelling,  the hoover, sweeping brush, hairbrush, high-vis jackets… just lots of everyday objects. She was also incredibly protective over her food.  We knew we had to seek advice to help her.

Over the years most of her fears have gone, but it’s been a difficult challenge. To be honest she could have been returned when I ended up at the hospital after she attacked me and I needed tetanus and a bandage on. But we knew she’d been through enough as we were here fourth home and she was only just 2 years old!

She’s still incredibly wary of children and we do have to be careful with her around children, but she’s much better than she w as. We’ve now lived with Daisy for just over 10 years and we have learned so much from each other because she is incredibly loving and so much fun. She’s also the only dog who can give dirty looks to put you in your place lol!  She honestly has huge character. She’s an incredible companion and larger-than-she-realises fur baby. She’s getting older now though so she cannot walk as far as she used to. But she does love her home comforts and is daddy’s boss! So she had a very difficult start in life but after years of patience, she’s a very happy, boss fur baby!


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