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My dog Rolo is a greyhound and had such a hard life. When we took him into our family he was a scared little chappy who didn’t get on with dogs, but he turned into a happy dog and loves his big sister, a pug, and loves his human brothers who are 4 and 6 years old.

A couple of weeks ago Rolo was involved in an accident when his human brother slammed the back door and the end of his tail got caught. He didn’t yelp, I only knew something had happened when there was a trail of blood everywhere. So he let me look at his tail and place a bandage till I took him to the vets. The tail is not healing so we have now been advised that his tail needs to be amputated. He is such a strong boy, no crying and his tail is constantly wagging.  I feel the poor soldier needs to be recognised as a brilliant dog – he deserves a SuperDog Survivor Award.

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