Arlo Winter

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Arlo Winter

I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder 2 years ago at the age of 33. I have struggled with mental illness for most of my life and having a diagnosis finally gave me some clarity. I have 2 sons who are my rocks and the whole world to me but when they are at school I suffer from extreme separation anxiety and depression on top of my BPD. So while my sons were away from me learning, I needed someone beside me daily to keep my spirits up.  I was gifted a beautiful black male lurcher and, along with my children, he is the most wonderful boy ever!  He lifts my spirits when I’m depressed and always leans against my legs or rests his head on my shoulder when he knows I’m down or about to have an episode. He really has changed my life for the better. Instead of feeling lost and empty all day, I now have my precious boy to keep me going, to get me out and to make me laugh and smile.  I am forever grateful for Arlo.

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