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Floss is a qualified Search dog with the Search and Rescue Dog Association Ireland North. She is qualified as a Mountain, urban, collapsed Structure Search dog and is the most qualified dog in the UK and Ireland in this specialist Search work.

In August 2019 after a vulnerable lady went missing from the local hospital, the police and family were very concerned as this was totally out of character.  The voluntary SARDA IN – search dog team were called in to help with their search dogs on the fourth day the lady was missing. Floss was called in to help with her handler Raph. After 10 mins searching in an isolated rural area, Floss located the lady unconscious and barely alive. She brought the handler to her location where the lady was successfully extracted and survived her ordeal after many weeks in hospital recovering. This was truly a life-saving event by Floss and shows how important her work and the service of search dogs provides to the wider community.

It takes on average 1000 voluntary training hours to train a search dog to gain this exceptionally high standard and Floss just loves what she does🐾🐾

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