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My fiancé and I moved from Canada just before covid hit the UK. I had never been here before and because of covid and being a foreigner I had a very hard time adjusting to living in a new country and not being able to explore, let alone make friends,  all while my fiancé could work as he’s English.
When we got our puppy Oberon, it gave me a reason to leave the house and explore the different trails around the English countryside. He’s been my best friend and helped me get out and explore some areas around where we live. If we didn’t have a dog, I think I’d still be sitting at home not exploring the places that I am. He’s helped me get out there and meet others with dogs and like everyone who was affected by the restrictions,  it sure is nice to say hello to people out and about with their dogs. He’s my pride and joy, my best friend, my hovabear. He makes me feel safe and confident and not alone when I’m home alone while my fiancé works. He’s helped me not be so homesick. He’s my hero.

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