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My nominee is Monty. He is amazing, lovable and above all, the greatest companion you could ever wish for. He is a 1-year-old Cavapoo and we have quite the story. It started off in April last year when we had been involved in a dog scam and lost our money.  We were devastated by not having a pup to call our own. We quickly got in touch with a trusted breeder who confirmed that she had a litter of Cavapoo puppies and we could take one home when he was old enough. In the build-up, we brainstormed ideas for our new addition to the family and we settled on the name ‘Monty’ which we all adored. Since then, he has become so sociable and loving and keeps us company whenever we are sad. He has been our little wonder pup during lockdown! He gets up to lots of mischief, and chaos and loves playing with his best friends.

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