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Love heart puppy Willow is 5 months old and is training as my assistance dog. I’m currently owner-training her and have been following online charity classes as I’m unable to work due to my disabilities.   I use a wheelchair due to spine damage with multiple chronic illnesses and I’m registered disabled.  My daughter was having to be a young carer, helping me with everyday life and helping me with dressing whilst juggling school. My husband is also a carer for me whilst working full time.
Willow came into our life this March and she’s changed so many things. We’ve started to get outdoors as a family more because of Willow she’s learnt really quickly how to walk safely with my powered wheelchair. She’s naturally a fabulous companion and carer who passes me things I’m unable to reach when I ask her to give them and alerts me to my medications alarm if I don’t notice it.  When I do specific hand signals and say certain words
Willow seems to love being busy and having lots of things to do.
Willow seems to naturally be affectionate and caring. Like being calm and not barking at normal sounds that dogs get giddy with.  She will be training to do more tasks as she grows up, like helping to open and close doors and doing the laundry with me.  Meanwhile, she has become a much-loved member of our family and a support for my children and husband. She is so friendly and gives the best cuddles.  Willow loves having cuddles with them and is always found by my side. She’s so well mannered and polite and looks at me for guidance as to if it’s okay to do something. My entire family have fallen in love with her, including my parents who are terrified of dogs.  The bond she has with us all has changed our lives for the better.  Willow will soon be joining Part of The Pack for professional training to help make sure she’s working correctly with me.  I have a care alarm to press in any emergency and Willow will to learning how to press it if I collapse.  I’d been housebound since 2018 and since having Willow I’ve started to actually get outdoors which is changing my life massively.

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