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FiFi is my absolute world and she makes my life better every day! I got her for my 17th Birthday and she’s been my best friend ever since (for nearly two years now!)  She is such a poser, like in the picture, and she is definitely my cuddle buddy! We snuggle all of the time and we always spoon on a night! She gets me outside and we always have adventures when we go on our walks, we also pack treats hahaha. We go hiking together, swimming, and so much more! We definitely are best friends for life, and definitely snuggle buddies. From the first night I got her she slept in my arms and has never left since. She is always by my side no matter what I am doing, on the toilet, doing my makeup and hair, cooking etc. She will always be my best friend and number one and we will never leave each other’s sides! I love you my Fifs ❤️

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