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Roy Dyer MBE

We as a team would like to nominate Roy Dyer for his continuous Voluntary work and total dedication. Over the past 25 years or more Roy Dyer founder of the Essex Dog Training Centre has helped hundreds of children overcome their fear of Cynophobia, a morbid fear of dogs. Roys unique methods (which are now used by psychiatrists) have a 98% success rate. Many of the children go on to own their own dogs. We hold 3 classes twice a wk. These children, will not go to the park, beaches, join football clubs etc. Many are disliked by their siblings because it means the whole family cannot go out. There have been children who have tried to take their own lives or they run into the road at a sight of a dog. The fear is so deep.

We are a team of about 10 dogs and their handlers, myself being one of them and my dog Cooper. Our dogs have to pass firstly a meet and then an assessment where we are set 28 tasks. There can be no margin for error. We do this all voluntary and we do not charge any fee for helping these children. Many of these children are Autistic, some more so than others. We have had children travel from as far as LA, Panama ( America have nothing like what Roy does ) and of course the British Isles. Roy has kept these classes going through as much of lockdown as he can, of course, numbers have been restricted and covid rules still applied throughout. We get told on many occasions that what we do really does change the lives of families for the better, giving families their lives back.

Amongst other things in the doggy world, Roy also holds an event every year, Service dog Awards, which goes without saying. He sets this up and chooses very carefully who gets these prestigious awards. There are many entries. This year it is held in August after being cancelled twice last year due to covid. A couple of the many that are receiving awards go to the dog handler and his dog who went into the Grenfell tower incident and, Manchester bombing are amongst the chosen. The event is held at Ingatestone Hall. A very moving event. Roy’s passion and knowledge for dogs is like no other. This is why we as a team, and on behalf of the families, believe he is so deserving of this recognition.

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