Buzz Lightyear and Woody

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Buzz Lightyear and Woody

My Buzz Lightyear and Woody are partners in crime they’re amazing companions dogs. They are still young dogs both full of life and adventure. My disability is multiple sclerosis and over the last 2 year’s suffered badly with depression and severe Anxiety especially panic disorder. they have improved my mental health massively they’re my everything I find it difficult sometimes to process especially coming out of the lockdowns from the pandemic caused byCovid 19. Buzz and woody brighten my life and I’ve had to move around a couple of times due to my health issues nobody understands the support and comfort they surely do help me a lot on the daily. I couldn’t ask for anything more there my best friends by my side. Both of them are cross breeds and there full of love. They’re great with kids and energetic levels, especially with my little nephew. They bring so much joy to my life I couldn’t live without them. they love just the friendship and company has helped improve my mental health drastically as they get me up in the morning set a routine for myself to just understanding my feelings they always seem to know how I feel without myself saying a word. when I am not ok and on my worst/ bad days they cheer me up with the simplest of things. Buzz and woody always bring my smile back to my face. I feel we really do take for granted what our dogs are capable of they’re the best thing to happen to me. They’re characters, Buzz is bouncy, fun and will do anything for a toy ball always carrying around in his mouth. While woody is more laid back, chilled he loves cuddles & kisses. They my balance and I feel they deserve to be treated to pet awards because they bring such joy to mine I love to spoil them both so much. Buzz and woody are the best of pals they’re the best companions. I couldn’t ask for better pets by my side in my life.

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