Lady 9 Wibbles

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Lady 9 Wibbles

This little minx came into my life on 27th May 2018. She is a Jaffie… JRT/SBT mix. The poor mare was literally just 1yr old, and I was at least her 3rd owner! No jabs or flea/worm treatment probably hadn’t been to a vet! Such an unsettled start, but when she got microchipped by Dogs Trust, there was like a big sigh and an instant relaxation…almost like she ‘knew’? Even Dogs Trust staff were surprised at how visible it was, good feeling.

My decision to adopt another pooch kid was because my old doggy-daughter Roxii was getting on and I felt she needed the company. A year later, to the day, Roxii was attacked by another dog & had to cross the bridge. My broken heart is still very raw, but my Lady has truly kept me going for the last 2 years. She is quite bonkers, is a dippy dipstick who makes even my sad days have some sunshine. She greets everyone with such happy enthusiasm. I’m told all the time how good she is off-lead. I couldn’t be without her, she is my doggy-daughter. I’m nominating Lady, knowing she’s unlikely to get picked, but I’ll use any opportunity to talk about my little nut bag lol. Besides, she’s already a winner in my eyes xxx

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