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I am nominating my doggo grandson, Ocho. Ocho is nearly 6 months old and has been training as Chloe’s (my daughter) wheelchair assistance dog for 4 of those months. He’s already an unbelievable success at the role he has taken on. She is a nurse and he has been calmly, confidently and competently accompanying her to, and assisting her at, her work. He is keen to learn and is being welcomed everywhere so his life-experiences are rising exponentially because people recognise how disciplined he is and how he absorbs his environments and trusts Chloe completely. Please look at his Instagram (@watchochogrow) for evidence and watch him walk along the high fallen tree with her self-propelling her wheelchair near him and not even needing to hold his lead. Ocho is a beautiful, intelligent and devoted working dog and he deserves this award. I hope you will agree. Thanks. Proud “Nanny” 😉

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