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I rescued Buddy in 2012. In 2017 I entered into a relationship with horrendous domestic violence that has left me with permanent disabilities, I am no longer in that relationship now. In 2019 I began having seizures and Buddy was always there by my side licking my face continuously ensuring I was okay.

One night I had a headache and lay on the couch at my current partner’s house. I fell asleep and had a seizure. My partner was upstairs in bed and had no idea I was in trouble. Buddy began barking and whining running upstairs nudging my partner to wake him up. Once up, he followed Buddy to where I was lying and lay on my chest, I had stopped breathing and needed CPR. I was rushed to the hospital that night and the reason I am still alive is due to my dog just knowing, off his own back, his owner needed help, and he got help!!

Buddy knows when I am going to have a seizure and will alert me to find a safe place, I owe my life to this dog. He is getting old now and I would love to pamper him one last time, but due to disabilities I am on benefits and money is tight. I would love for Buddy to have the chance at winning this prize just as a thank you for saving my life. Thank you, Buddy. Without you, I would not be here and for that, I am eternally grateful.

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