Wonky Wanda

Survivor Nominee

Wonky Wanda

Wanda was born in a puppy farm and handed to a vet to be euthanised. The rescue stepped up and gave her a chance. Despite being advised her condition was life-limiting, her zest for life was remarkable. Her limbs were deformed and only one vet in the country gave her a chance and that had a poor prognosis!

5 years on Wanda has become an ambassador for wonky pets and has raised over £10,000 to date.  Her last adventure was to climb pen y fan mountain and spend a month bog snorkelling! Her favourite pastime. Wanda was on this morning twice, attends fetes, shows and festivals highlighting the plight of puppy farms and the joy they can bring when adopted.

Wanda loves nothing more than showing everyone that despite her start to life and abnormalities every dog deserves a chance. Her adventures are followed by many and adored by thousands. Wanda has had such a big impact on people when they hear her story, she has helped change how people think of puppy farms and adopting a rescue dog.

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