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Rupert is my long term foster dog from Friends of Animals Wales (FOAW). He came into their care as a reject from a puppy farm as he has a lot of problems with his legs due to bad breeding. He has hip and elbow dysplasia and a wonky left wrist bone and could not be sold. FOAW have a policy of never turning an animal away because it would be a challenge or expensive to fix. Rupert has seen every specialist possible, but nothing can be done to fix him so he is with me as long term rescue.

He has pain management and every day is a happy day for Rupert, we make sure he enjoys every single day and he does. He adores everyone, people, dogs, puppies, small dogs, children, babies and is a wonderful pioneer for the FOAW charity. He likes nothing better than going to Meet & Greet events to raise much-needed funds for FOAW. He is so gentle, he lies down if any small dogs or people approach him and is very cautious and gentle with anyone in a pushchair or wheelchair. He misses these events since Covid but he takes everything in his wonky stride. We have had a lot more foster dogs in since Covid and he is so good and gentle with them, giving them space and helping them feel safe, showing them how to be a happy dog living with a family.

He is also my cuddle monster, we have a special bond, but we don’t tell the other dogs that! Rupert has been my best friend way before lockdown. He is there for me whenever I am sad. I sadly lost my brother and partner recently and Rupert keeps me going, giving me cuddles and I love him. Oh and he loves campaigning against puppy farms. He has supported Lucy’s Law and been to many events to promote awareness. Rupert loves helping and is so lovable, he will always be my SuperDog


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Andrea Robinson
Andrea Robinson
2 years ago

He is beautiful, sounds a lovely natured dog

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