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Mandy was rescued from the side of the road in Bulgaria by someone on holiday there. It was obvious she had problems with her leg. The kind samaritan arranged to have her brought over to the UK but could not keep her in their London flat.  So they contacted Friends of Animals Wales who took her on and arranged her necessary vet treatment.

She came to me as a foster and had to have her leg amputated. She coped so well with that, was running around and cuddling in closer without the addition of a dead leg. Mandy was in foster with us for some time and took so well to looking after the new fosters. We adored her and knew she would fit in so well, she was our failed foster. We adopted her and could not be happier.

She is the most gorgeous gentle girl. We call her gentle Mandy and she really is brilliant with all the fosters. She sits with them if they have come back from the vet. She rarely barks, only if she thinks we need to intervene if one of them is chewing stitches, being sick etc – she is just a fantastic carer and we love her so much.

Mandy loves going on a walk around the village but will stand still as soon as she hears a car. She is petrified of going to the forestry or an open field, but take her to the beach and she loves it! She runs so fast and loves nothing better than lying down in a cool pool.

Mandy is the bravest and kindest dog I have ever met considering what she has endured. When she locks eyes with you and smiles, it is like she is saying ‘thank you’. I love her so much. She adored my partner, he was her favourite person but he died and she can’t understand why he isn’t here. She is doing great though and gives me so much courage.


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