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My pupster has saved my life more than once. Razzle came into my life at a time I needed a friend. He has helped me through many dark depressive moments and potential suicide attempts. One look in those big brown eyes and I know he’s there for me and ready to help me.

He’s a lovable playful guard dog and will protect everyone. He loves to curl up in bed with us and knows how to get us out of it again when we don’t want to. Usually he wiggles and pushes us out of bed.

He has learnt several tricks and commands he knows nudge, speak, speak quietly, sit, stay and many more. I have diabetes and if he senses my sugars are off the scale he will bark at me, growl,  and push me towards my medication. He will also get my daughter from her room if its needed.

He takes everyday as it comes an nothing really phases him. Although it’s not a thing in this country he is my emotional support dog. He’s got my back and scratch his.

He does dress up which makes us giggle, he eats roast dinners, he sleeps in bed with us, he loves our 6 cats one more than the other 5 (we joke He’s in a relationship with one).

He’s my life, my love and my confident. With out him I honestly would not be here to write this. The best bit is he doesn’t even realise how special he really is !!

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