Lemmy and Minnie

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Lemmy and Minnie

Minnie and Lemmy are brother and sister, aged 7. Two years ago I had meningitis and encapallitus. I spent 3 months in hospital. I was fortunate that only my memory and cognitive were affected, it could have been a lot worse. 6 months later I had a routine operation to remove a gall stone. The procedure went badly wrong. My pancreas was badly damaged leaving me with necrotic pancreatitis and sepsis. Hence a further 3 month stay in a high dependency unit. My gorgeous 2 fur babies have been there all the way with me. I have had multiple emergency admissions each time, they have greeted me with open paws and non-stop sloppy kisses. They curl up with me at night time and never leave my side. I have so much love for them that any thoughts of being miserable or down dissolve away. They make me smile, laugh and be thankful that I am alive.

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