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Amber joined our family at 12 weeks when our daughter, then aged 16 was starting to experience some health issues. Over the coming years, Ellie’s health deteriorated and our family was thrown into a world we could never have imagined. Ellie was diagnosed with intestinal failure and spent much of her teenage years I hospital and receiving treatment and surgery. She required daily nursing support and was bed-bound for long periods of time.

Amber our amazing cockapoo was the most loving, kind and attentive companion. Making sure she spent as much time with Ellie as she could. She would insist on being by her side during and nurse visits, watching and quietly supporting Ellie. When things became too much she was there with a cuddle and would lick away Ellie’s tears. She fast became Ellie’s support, her emotional crutch and her best friend. Their bond is unbreakable and heartwarming beyond words.  Since surgery Ellie’s health has improved somewhat and she is sometimes able to repay Amber for her love and loyalty with lovely walks. Thank you Amber you have made our family complete.

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