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Solo has been there when I was at my lowest she came into my life at a time when I was about to give up completely. She doesn’t care to see me upset or unhappy always a waggy tail ready and a smile, she’s got a mountain of love ready to give. My life was empty until I found her, to this day everyone said she picked me and I’m so thankful she did. My little pocket rocket is so faithful and loyal. I would give her my last rolo that’s how I feel about her. She picks anyone up when there down, family, friends. When we’re out and about strangers want to come to see her stroke her she loves the attention. Solo loves nothing but to go on a wee car journey and find a new adventure from beach walks to waterfalls and forests nothing is ever too much as long as she’s by my side she doesn’t care.
Solo my best friend, my rock, my saviour ♥️

Category: SuperDog

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