Pippa Pipsqueak and Trooper

Survivor Nominee

Pippa Pipsqueak and Trooper

Pippa Pipsqueak and Trooper were both separately run over and left at the side of the road with broken spines discarded like rubbish. Thankfully they were rescued and adopted here in the UK.

Pippa is now a confident girl that loves her cuddles and playing with her brother. She is a real sassy pants with ears like velvet that can hear a spider’s botty burp. She rescued her mummy too, more than she will ever know.

Trooper is exactly that, not only by name but in nature. He is a bold, curious little man with a huge personality. He loves life to the full and oozes charisma. He’s like our very own Johnny Bravo; big, strong shoulders with the tiniest butt.

Challenges in life are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes it meaningful.


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