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Mickey is an ex-racing greyhound who broke his hock on the racetrack. Being of no further use he was handed over to rescue with his injury. Unfortunately, the break was too severe for repair so his right hind leg was amputated. Mickey is a very large, 40kg weight and had to work very hard to rehabilitate, gain strength and regain full mobility. We fostered Mickey for over a year, while he recovered and he became part of our family. He did suffer from issues, he had and still has to some extent separation anxiety, he had a strong prey drive and could be very destructive in the home in the early days. Potential adopters struggled to see his potential and declined him several times. We eventually realised we could never let him go, as we loved him too much and he officially joined our family permanently. Now he lives with his greyhound brother, Moo, and he is full of life, mischief and loves to run like any other greyhound! We adore our Mickey Mouse ❤️

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