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Holly’s Army was inspired by Hannah’s dog Holly after her owner Hannah found that she struggled to find emotional support and evidence-based resources to help and support her with Holly’s arthritis, despite being a vet. Holly’s Army is a social media platform, a wonderful resource to support owners of arthritic dogs as Hannah found that there was a lot of “holes” in canine arthritis understanding, identification and management and she couldn’t continue to ignore it. Arthritis in dogs is a huge welfare concern and many owners do not know where to turn. They report that they struggle to gain a diagnosis and are then simply prescribed NSAID’s with little further support or information in managing such a long term chronic condition. This can result in their dog being left in pain, or in situations that only exacerbate their dogs’ diagnosis. An evidence-based holistic multi-modal approach to management for the pain of arthritis in dogs and early identification is paramount to the dog and owner bond. If owners are more educated this will in turn enhance the vet and owner relationship and trust. Support and education from Holly’s Army encourage owners to deal with this debilitating condition which can make an immense improvement in the quality of life for both dogs and owners.

Owners are supported by a network of caring veterinary professionals, all volunteers, using evidence-based advice to guide members through the minefield of chronic pain from osteoarthritis. Holly’s Army is managed by the Canine Arthritis Management Team and supported by CAM trained #Cambassadors who are all owners that have been helped by CAM, invested personally, and are now leading the way helping others – volunteering, passing on their expert experience and the high-quality training and knowledge they get from bespoke training weekly. The training and development of #CAMbassador by CAM vets and advisory pain specialists continues to contribute to Holly’s Army’s valuable resource by teaching new members useful and reliable information about Osteoarthritis as well as being available to support and guide new members emotionally and practically.

The impact of Holly’s Army’s multi-modal educational management regarding chronic pain from arthritis is incredible and is not only growing as many more owners join; it has changed the perceptions of many dog owners.

Holly’s Army followers are the best and are so helpful, kind and supportive to their peers… it truly is a beautiful place.

Sadly Holly passed away in 2018 but we thank you for leaving such a wonderful legacy inspiring and supporting us all. It would mean so much to Hannah for Holly to be considered for this prestigious award.

Thank you

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