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Broken Biscuits Disabled Dog Charity

Broken Biscuits was founded on a mission to not just save the lives of dogs that were considered too hard to help, but also to make a lasting difference for all perfectly imperfect pets. We do this by changing attitudes towards the adoption and rehabilitation of disabled animals.

Our team work 24/7 at our rehabilitation and rehoming centre.  In addition to running our ROLL MODEL education programme to promote the potential in disabled dogs to Vet clinics, Universities and schools, we support pet parents through our ‘borrow a bike ‘ (wheelchair and equipment programme.  Here we teach carers how to express bladders, assemble equipment and make adjustments to their homes to accommodate their dog’s new way of mobility. Our focus on education for carers, vet professionals and the general community ensures families stay together for longer.
Having someone to talk to who has been in the same position is invaluable and they can walk you through what happens post surgery. The volunteers at Broken Biscuits really make the world of difference. They answer calls, drive round to assemble wheelchairs and teach basic care routines to help the families and their beloved dogs.

To ensure our animals receive the very best of care, we tap into the best veterinary knowledge through our on-staff vet nurses, Physiotherapists and our network of vet professionals. In the past decade, we have helped many thousands of injured dogs and cats overcome the trauma of their initial injuries to go on to live happy and active lives. We believe that humans can learn so much from the resilience demonstrated by our Broken (but not beaten) Biscuits.

Uk-based in Surrey and Lincolnshire, we take in many surrenders from families who feel they cannot cope. We also support several shelters across Europe, providing support for the most vulnerable animals, those without someone to look after them. Our team run popular meet and greet sessions as part of our Education programs, using some of our rehabilitation graduates. Our Ambassa-dogs are paraplegics, IVDD survivors, blind. deaf and three-legged pets who help illustrate the ways that life really can roll on after injury. These dogs are far more engaging and appealing than any PowerPoint lecture we could deliver. It is the Dogs who lead the way to gaining more acceptance for all types of disabilities for our pets. We are passionate about normalising their body shapes and celebrating their differences.

Our Head of Education runs programs in schools using our dogs to help discuss other human issues like body image and bullying. We have run workshops with pet carers and vets to demonstrate the latest mobility kits and care options. Of course, we only use and recommend the wheelchairs that pass the most stringent veterinary tests.

All our team members are volunteers who do not get paid for any of their time or expertise.  Their love for dogs is what drives us all to make our collective dream for disabled dogs to be better accepted and chosen as pets come true.


Thank you for your support!

Winning the Naturo SuperDog Team Award would be an incredible achievement that would recognise all the Broken Biscuits team does for animals, and thanks to your votes, we’ve made it to the finals!

Ahead of the judges making their final decision, we would love your help to shine a light on our team. Please share this page via email, WhatsApp or socials and ask friends to add a message of support. We would love to bring home the SuperDog Team Award in November!

Big thanks from everyone at Team Broken Biscuits


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10 days ago

Congratulations! It’s brilliant that Broken Biscuits is through to the finals! You are doing big, important work and you deserve the recognition!

Good Luck – we’ll be rooting for you to win the Team Category xxx

Margaret Perry
Margaret Perry
10 days ago

Good luck with your entry in the competition. Expert care for disabled dogs is wonderful in enabling these dogs to have their best future xxx

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