Otto the two legged dog

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Otto the two legged dog

Ten years ago, a dog losing limbs would have also meant it losing its life. A knee jerk decision based on a flawed assumption. How can a dog enjoy a quality of life when it is so broken? Otherwise healthy dogs regularly died.

Brave dogs like Otto, are now leading the way, rolling front and centre as advocates for life after injury. Examples of their enduring resilience and adaptability, when given a chance and the right support. Mended, motivated and mobile.

Every day Otto helps shift the stereotypes. Rolling past in his wheels. Chasing balls and birds. He is the lead ‘Ambassa-dog’ for leading Disabled Animal Advocacy charity Broken Biscuits. Often seen in media campaigns promoting more inclusivity for pets with different body shapes. He melts hearts and opens minds to just what is possible for all disabled pets.

Otto has featured in high profile ad campaigns with Gok wan (Frontline – Perfectly Imperfect Pets), chatted to Eamon and Ruth on morning TV (ITV This Morning ), and many magazines and tabloid stories about his adventures and campaigns for Paraplegic pets . Ottos personality is his super power being such a gentle soul he has been a wonderful roll model getting along with all ages, especially children who adore his visits and seminars at school. His favourite programme to make was for Childrens television series Fern and Rorys vet tales on CBeebies where he filmed a episode about disabled dogs and taught families how to get fitted for a new ‘bike’ .

Otto may be a small dog but he has a huge heart , filled with passion to help raise the awareness of potential post injury, He and we hope reading his story or meeting him in person will open more doors for other ‘broken biscuits’ ( the ones left on the plate not chosen ) Thank you for reading his application for the campaigner award .

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