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Our beautiful hope came into our lives 8 years ago. I supported a charity unite to care that campaign for dogs used in research to retire to loving homes rather than being put to sleep. Hope started her life in Albania little is known about those very early years. All we know is that she was in a research lab and was due to be put to sleep as she would not cooperate with the constant man handling and they would muzzle her and She had reached a point of surplus to their requirements when a lab technician contacted a local charity who then corresponded with unite to care and was moved to a safe place. Unite to care took her under their wing and she was kept in quarantine once moved to Greece. I had put my name down to adopt and she made her way on a long journey to the uk. Hope had clearly been through trauma and had a sadness and fear, she would shut down, was afraid of everything bless her. Our resident fur baby Gem was the most important in showing Hope the way forward and in time they became the best of pals. Hope is now a much loved family member and has gained confidence. i watch her as she sleeps as now she can fully let go and relax because she is home. I remember after her third month being with us i let her off the lead and she ran like the wind around and around with a smile on her face she was free, loved and safe….that was the moment she felt at ease with her family…she is bold beautiful and brave and I never get tired hearing that contented sleepy sigh she gives out with one little ear on alert. we love her so much and we are so proud of her. Hope and Gem were my rock when my daughter was fighting for her life in 2017 and when our gem passed in 2018 hope comforted me so much when we all needed that comfort and now she is an amazing patient big sister to our meg. sammy Hopes human sister is epileptic , Hope also has occasional seizures and they just get what each other has to go through. We are so lucky to have her and are so proud of her.

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