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Noah didn’t have the best start in life. Abused and then dumped in a pound in Bosnia, he was rescued and brought to the UK, where unfortunately a couple of home trials didn’t work out. He ended up at LoveUnderdogs, who took him in when he needed someone the most and it was here he met Clare, who had just started volunteering as a dog walker following a not so nice break up. Lockdown struck before Clare and Noah really got a chance to know each other, but luckily, the two were brought together again when Clare, who was facing lockdown living on her own, asked if Noah might like to come and stay with her as a foster placement. Not only was Noah the best type of companion, providing cuddles and face licks at every opportunity, he managed to get Clare out of a bit of a rut and give her a purpose. He took care of her as much as she did him, and the two made lots of wonderful memories together. Needless to say, Clare adopted Noah as soon as she could, and the two lived happily ever after.

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