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Connie was born in 2019 with a congenital heart condition caused by three significant holes in her aortas. Veterinary specialists gave her a maximum life expectancy of 6 months. Through her sheer determination, Connie has survived being spayed and surpassed any life expectancy she’s been given, and will be celebrating her 2nd birthday this June. She struggles to clot blood effectively and takes much longer to heal from minor cuts and injuries because her heart takes up so much of her body’s energy. The vets have now given up guessing how long this extraordinary lady will be with us. She has become quite the celebrity at our vet’s practice, regularly being scanned to help student vets learn more about her unique condition.  Most surprisingly Connie’s heart has developed a new way of working which allows her to run, play and be a happy, healthy 18-month-old dog. She has learned to adapt the way she plays with other dogs so that she can keep up and she also knows when she needs a rest day! Connie lives with her very energetic Mum and brother and has developed ways to be able to keep up with them, even though her heart is working so much harder. Every day she lives with extreme tiredness but still manages to make everyone smile, especially when she sings to us!  From the day Connie was born (with no tail) she had fought hard to keep up with her siblings and was considered one of our strongest puppies. She adores people and seems to read human emotion instantly – sitting beside those who might need a cuddle. She is the most incredible and sweet-natured survivor you’ll meet!

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