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My dog is a pillar of strength. I’ve never known such a stoic dog, or human for that matter. We rescued her from the RSPCA as a pup she is now 14 (well will be on the 21/6/21). 8 years ago she had a vertical disc excrusion. The recovery was lengthy and keeping a very active dog still was torture. Then in 2017 (aged 10), she fell down a 15-foot drop into a disused mineshaft, shattering her tail bone and dislocating and shattering her pelvis. The vet said she shouldn’t have lived. They pinned her pelvis back together and with months of hard work, patience, hydrotherapy and love she slowly recovered. Today she is fit, well and fully active. She regularly goes on long walks, just 2 weeks ago she did an 8 miler and at Christmas a 10 miler. She continues to show no signs of getting old and lights up all of our lives giving our family joy every day. She is a true fighter with a keen will to live.

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