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Thin Blue Paw Foundation

Despite being in the midst of a global pandemic and during one of the toughest times for the charity sector, the founders and trustees of the Thin Blue Paw Foundation managed, against the odds, to launch in August 2020 to help support working and retired police dogs. In its first six months, the fledgling foundation raised £140,000 and supported more than 150 retired police dogs across the UK. The charity issued grants totalling more than £45,000 to help more than 30 dogs with serious and life-threatening conditions. Not only are they working tirelessly to support retired police dogs in their new homes (often uninsurable and suffering from injuries and medical conditions as a result of their working lives) but the charity is also trying to improve animal welfare for all frontline working dogs, such as providing PPE and first aid kits for serving police dogs across the UK and supporting campaigns such as Finn’s Law Part 2 – seeking tougher sentences for animal abusers.

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