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Bryn has battled with idiopathic epilepsy since 2015. He was diagnosed after an awful night of seizures. It was terrifying, and even though I suffer from epilepsy myself, his seizures are very different and more violent than mine. He is a true epi warrior and amazes me with his strength. Bryn has gone from controlled seizures every few months, to very severe seizures every week or so. He has frequent emergency vet visits and there have been times when the vets have told us to prepare for the worst or asked if we wanted to carry on.

I have found that epilepsy still has a huge stigma attached and people just don’t understand about it.  As we have been fighting this for so many years and have spent hours researching different treatment options, I felt it was time to try and help others with their journey. I started an Instagram page for the dogs (@Bryn_and_gin) to help educate people about canine epilepsy and to spread awareness and positivity.  So many people come to us and ask questions as they want to learn and understand more. Bryn acts as an ambassador for canine epilepsy and that it isn’t a death sentence (despite how hard it can be).  Since his diagnosis, Bryn has climbed Mount Snowdon and Ben Nevis along with many other achievements, proving that even epileptic dogs can live a life of adventure.

We have received so much support from the canine epilepsy community and we love being able to pay it forward. The amount of people all over the world that comment how beautiful it is that he still smiles so brightly after all he goes through, is so heartwarming. Together we will keep raising awareness for canine epilepsy and Bryn will leave a legacy.

We are fundraising and campaigning for canine epilepsy research. There is simply a lack of treatment and knowledge available and the Royal Veterinary Centre is working towards better diagnosis and treatment options. We (Me and Bryn) have pledged to walk 100 miles through May raising money for the RVC. This is going to be a big challenge for Bryn, as his health has deteriorated over the past year but I am confident my strong boy can do this.

I wouldn’t be here without Bryn, he saved my life.  I am never going to give up on him and I’ll never stop fighting for better treatment and knowledge of canine epilepsy.

I hope you will also see how special my boy is and help share in our campaign to raise awareness for canine epilepsy and fight for better treatment.



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