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Poppy is a 9-year-old Papillion and she is a therapy dog. Throughout lockdown, Poppy had been volunteering with the students at the University of Bath to support them to overcome poor mental health due to the current pandemic. Poppy would go on all sorts of adventures with the students which they say helped them “feel much calmer” and  “generally reduce stress levels”, or she helped “reduce anxiety levels ahead of a stressful event”. Poppy provided  “company & companionship in these strange times”.

Unfortunately, at the end of May 2021, Poppy woke up and she was completely paralysed from the waist down. Both her hind legs were completely limp and she was unable to walk. We took her to the vet who informed us that Poppy has suffered a spinal injury, and she was rushed to Langford veterinary hospital in Bristol. We then had to make the decision to operate, and quickly because if we delayed then Poppy could potentially lose the use of both her legs.  She underwent a very serious operation and the Langford Vet team were amazing).

Poppy is still in recovery and is receiving physiotherapy with a wonderful physiotherapist called Alexandra who told us that Poppy is the “most gentle & sweet dog she has ever treated”. “She lets me do anything to her!”  With Alexandra’s help, Poppy is now walking on her hind legs and slowly regaining her strength.

Poppy is vastly different to any other dog I have ever known growing up.  We have two other dogs in our household, and one is the same breed, but they are hugely different. Poppy is empathetic, smart, and unique. On walks, if she senses someone is sitting on their own or looking upset, she will calmly walk over to them and sit by them, and if they wish, she lets them stroke her.  She is non-invasive, just simply sitting next to them waiting for their response, which is usually happiness and laughter.

Poppy spends her days making people feel better, she is the life and soul of our home and has taken her poor health in her stride completely. We think she deserves to be rewarded for just being the most wonderful little dog we have ever had the pleasure to know.


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