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Tilly is a rescue from a Romanian kill shelter. When we first decided to adopt her we were under no illusion of the hell she had been through. She had awful mange, she was skin and bone, petrified of the world, she has scars all over from the horrific injuries she was subjected too and she hardly had any fur. We immediately fell in love with her and wanted to help.

It was a massive team effort between the rescue, us and our amazing vet but we got her back to health. She slept with one eye open and one closed for the first few months with us, I actually cried the first time I saw her sleeping with both closed as I knew she was finally settled enough to trust us. Three years on she is an amazing dog, so loving of us, very intelligent, and loves nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa. It amazes me that after such a horrific start in life she is able to give so much love to us. She has been my absolute rock in lockdown and our bond has grown stronger because of it.

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