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Being in lockdown and working from home whilst being pregnant and full of hormones was extremely isolating, however, I always had Maggie around to cheer me up. She got me out walking on the beach every day for some vitamin ‘sea’ and was by my side keeping me company all day, every day. We didn’t do anything apart!

Her happy little face was enough to make the most difficult days brighter! Unfortunately in September 2020 Maggie fell ill and after a week in hospital was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, once under control, she was put onto a high level of steroids to keep it at bay. Just two weeks after coming home Maggie became a big sister to our daughter, Eleanor. They became the best of friends and Maggie was the most caring and lovingly protective hairy sister we could have wished for.

Just 6 months later, Maggie had to return to the veterinary hospital after falling ill again.  It was discovered that she had tumours, heart failure, pneumonia and sepsis. We lost Maggie to this awful list of illnesses. Maggie never let on that there was anything wrong right until her last day, just the day before she was charging along the beach next to us with her ball. She was the best companion we could have wished for in her short life and will always be part of our family in memories.

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