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Mak has recently passed away however I wish to nominate him for the survivor award.  He was around 2 years old when he came into our lives after his previous owners left him alone in the flat while they started their new lives elsewhere. When the RSPCA found him, Mak weighed just 7kg although his ideal weight is 21kg as he is a Cross GSD. We are not sure how he pulled through. The case inspector asked if I would take him because I am a Registered Vet Nurse and he found his way into our home.  Mak was not just a dog, he was so intelligent, he was almost human!! We nearly lost him again in 2016 when he needed emergency surgery to remove his spleen and a 2.5kg tumour,  but again,  he proved he was a fighter.  Mak has taught me so much – helping me train in clinical canine massage, teaching me about nutrition, oncology & so much more. He was truly one in a million & he is missed more each day. He was also my carer as I live with depression/anxiety.  He just knew how to make things better & he instinctively knew when I was heading towards a dark day. Sadly, cancer reared it’s ugly head again towards the end of Mak’s life and he passed surrounded by love & sunshine at the age of 14 years.

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