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Koko was rescued from a life of being used for a breeding machine. She was left outside in the snow, was wandering the streets for 5 days in the snow and was absolutely petrified of everything. When we first got her she was very thin and flea-riddern and had pyometra but was so happy to be loved. ❤  She was always smiling and wagging her tail.  But Koko was in such a bad way that they thought she would have to be put to sleep. My daughter, Tyne, slept in my kitchen for 2 weeks caring for Koko who had a very bad infection.   Thanks to Tyne and Celia Hammond  Koko is now a picture of health. She has so much love to give and always puts a smile on everyone’s face. She has been with us for nearly three months and has become best friends with our other rescue dog, Bu Jue.  Koko’s story shows what lots of love 💘  and time can do.  Look at her now!  She is such a survivor!   What a beauty you really are, Koko!  Thanks for coming into our lives.

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