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My dog Teddy is my hero. He saved me from my heartbreak. My story started with my first dog Willow. We got him from the mountains in Cyprus and his mum only had 3 legs so they rescued her. When she had the pups, one of which was Willow, the locals poisoned her. 😭. So when we moved back to the UK we brought Willow back with us. 😊. He was the most loyal dog ever. We had 13 amazing years with him, till one afternoon we took him for his yearly booster and 10 minutes later he collapsed in the vets and had to be pts. I was heartbroken. I missed the barking the hair, and the garden was too tidy. It was too quiet and I felt so down and lonely until I met Tedd. He stepped into my life and made it happy again. Life without paws is no life at all πŸΎπŸΎπŸΎπŸ’–

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