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Hektor is my absolute world. He was the smallest in his litter, and he hopped onto my lap and wouldn’t move.  He chose me. When I first got him, a few months before lockdown, I was in my darkest place. I had lost my dad to pancreatic cancer and also was attempting to recover from the trauma of a narcissistic relationship that was emotionally and mentally abusive. Hektor taught me to love my life and love myself. I had to take care of myself to ensure I could take care of him. Through lockdown, I have felt incredibly isolated as I had lost friends through my trauma. But through my SuperDog Companion, Hektor,  I have found many new friends. He inspired me to plan adventures and he gives me a reason to smile every morning. I am nominating him for a SuperDog Award as I honestly don’t think I would be here without him. I think we both needed each other ❤️

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