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I believe my dog Lottie deserves this Companion SuperDog Award because she has really helped me through the pandemic.

Since 18th March 2020,  I have been working from home because of Covid and having Asthma meant I was vulnerable.  I worked each and every day for over a year and every one of those days I’d sit at the kitchen table and Lottie would sit in the chair next to me. I work as a school bursar so as you can imagine it’s been a very busy 15 months!

Having Lottie by my side was obviously a benefit to my health, mentally and physically and I feel this also increased our bond and love for each other. She would always be there and stroking her and petting her helped enormously if I felt a bit stressed or depressed.  I found this extremely calming. One day, after a bad day at work, I was feeling anxious and a bit fed up.  I sat on the sofa with Lottie and felt I needed to do something to distract me from work. With Lottie by my side, I started a group for dog lovers and businesses on FaceBook. The group has grown and there isn’t a day I don’t smile at all of the wonderful posts about dogs of all shapes and sizes, breeds and crossbreeds (and everything in between). I’ve never met most of the dogs as we now have over 1850 members but these dogs really have changed my life and for that, I will be eternally grateful!


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