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SuperDog Companion, Peggy, is about 10 years old and a rescue. She has arthritis and her mobility is limited but she continues to have a zest for life, eager to meet other dogs and humans. I have had Peggy for nearly 9 years and I got her from Manchester Dogs Home when I retired. She ensures we are out every morning exploring, and seeing friends. I have her to thank for making me go out every day and meeting new friends even when I don’t feel like it, as I have arthritis too. Peggy rides in a “chariot” where she loves viewing her domain and seeing what all her friends are up to. Despite her arthritis, she will walk a few yards and get excited when seeing friends old and new. I’m nominating her for a SuperDog Companion Award because she has been the best thing to enter my life, and I love her to bits!

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