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Prior to rehoming Cyril in 2018, I had never been a ‘dog person. I never wanted to be that person who just talked about their dog, was covered in dog hairs or whose house was obliterated by dog pee/dog toys/discarded half-chewed treats. But somehow I am now that person!

During lockdown, having Cyril has given me a reason to keep motivated. I have his companionship, keep his Instagram account up to date and get out to walk him. I work as an NHS Nurse and going to work during the pandemic has been incredibly hard. Some days it’s all you see and hear,  outside or at work. And then you can’t see your family, friends or do the things you normally would to take your mind off it and recharge. To come home to a dog so loving has been a godsend, even on the worst days and that is why I nominate my dog, Cyril for a SuperDog Companion Award.

My mental health has been a struggle after having COVID myself in December.  I was left with exhaustion, fatigue and neck pain. This month  Cyril and I, (and Cyril’s brother) are completing a sponsored walk for mental health charities who are key to supporting everyone back to health after the toll the last year has played on so many. I can’t imagine those shielding alone for that length of time, without a dog as a companion! Dogs really do make the world a brighter place.

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