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Noddy is a little dog with a huge personality and he has really kept our spirits up during the past year especially. He gets me out of the house when I’d normally stay home, he’s allowed me to learn so much, meet new amazing people and try so many new things. He turned three years old in February and he loves agility, dog parkour, man trailing, trick training, scent work and has recently had a go at hoopers too. In March 2021, I lost my old rescue Mastiff, Mia,  who was my heart-dog and absolutely the centre of my world.  Life still feels extremely strange without Mia and I miss her every single day,  but Noddy has kept me going and provided distraction, love, support and cuddles. I’d be truly, truly lost if I didn’t have  my SuperDog Companion, Noddy, to help me through this difficult time. Of course, it’s been hard for him too, but we’re pushing on together and I’m so grateful for him. He’s such a good boy and the best little teammate.

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